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Summer Camp

Summer Camp at NorthWind’s Eagles Cove is a place of fun and adventure, where memories are made, and lives are impacted. Throughout the summer, volunteer teams travel to the cove from all over North America to assist in running overnight camps for kids, teens, families, and the guests’ from NorthWind’s Gathering. Summer Camp at The Cove is a safe place where individuals can grow in community as they learn more about their creator and spend time in the beautiful landscape of North Western Ontario.



Building a sacred community of hope and healing.

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 10648
Thunder Bay, ON  P7B 6V1


Physical Addresses:

Programs Facility
138 May Street South
Thunder Bay, ON  P7E 1B3

Counselling Facility
141 May Street South
Thunder Bay, ON  P7E 1A9