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Capital Campaign Update • Thank you!


$286,480 donated  |  $220,200 promissory notes  |  $200,000 mortgage

When Wes went to get the bank draft from the bank to purchase Eagles’ Cove, the officer at the bank told him that when he had told her that we were opening a capital account and needed to raise $550,000 in five weeks, she thought he was crazy. Then she watched the account to see what happened and was surprised that more than enough money came in. God showed up!

What happened next?

  • We purchased Eagle’s Cove
  • Lots of road work
  • Purchased a used 15 passenger van. (This enables families with no transportation to attend the weekly Family Fellowship, and helps pick up teams and program participants.)
  • Invested $100,000 towards debt repayment and interest
  • Prepared the property for use.
    • Repaired and stained the 2-storey deck on main house
    • Installed new pump and repaired the water system
    • Repaired/rebuilt two docks and built a new dock
    • Turned dirt-floored machine shed into a space that we will use as a temporary dining hall and chapel.
      Volunteers finished the siding and doors, poured concrete floor, installed wiring and lighting.
    • Waterfront benches and wood storage areas
    • Painted facility manager house
    • Purchased kitchen equipment and appliances
    • Built downstairs kitchen in main house for staff and team use. Set up tables and chairs to use as dining hall in colder weather.
    • Purchased chain saws and weed whackers and other tools. Teams put these to good use clearing trails and games areas, and generally cleaned the property.
    • Resupplied sports equipment
    • Purchased a patio set and BBQ
    • Refit gas fittings on two houses, camp kitchen and cabins to comply with changes in code.
      Also filled the propane tanks. (Ouch!)
  • We began work on a web site

There were more start-up costs than we anticipated.
To date, we have spent $87,895 on Start-Up Costs.

We need to raise $320,200 to pay off the current debt.

How have we used the property so far?

  • Housed work teams
  • Celebrated Canada Day with bannock cook-offs, a ground oven, canoeing and games.
  • Housed teams from Manitoba, Southern Ontario and Saskatchewan who helped run two weeks of Play Days in the city.
  • Kid’s Camp
  • Family Camp
  • A local church held two youth retreats
  • Staff Retreat
  • Aboriginal High School Retreat
  • NorthWind Board Retreat
  • Hosted potential counselling and ministry staff

Future Plans

The purchases, repairs and construction below are to help NorthWind implement the:

  • Family Strengthening Program
  • Enhance Program for youth from northern communities
  • Retreats for students from northern communities
  • And other year around programs and activities

The story…

If you would have met Bera and I twenty-five years ago, when we lived in an isolated First Nation’s Community in British Columbia, or fifteen years ago while serving at Eagle’s Nest Ministry Centre in northern Alberta, or five years ago at Eagle’s Cove, you would have heard a common thread. We desired to welcome Canadian Aboriginal families, hurting from emotional wounds and trauma, into a safe environment where they could find hope in Christ and experience whole-life discipleship. We witnessed life transformation throughout those years.

We faced a significant setback three years ago when SCA closed Eagle’s Cove, but we maintained our commitment to establishing a place of hope and healing in Thunder Bay, and we continued to seek land where we could host families once again. One of the reasons we wanted land outside of Thunder Bay was for the Family Strengthening Program for the First Nations families and communities. Ultimately, the program is twofold: a three-week on-site intensive and an ongoing community follow-through. The same four components are present in both parts: Spiritual Growth; Life-Build (life development and skills training); Counselling and Expression (recreation and crafts).

But we faced a challenge.  We were landless!

Negotiations to acquire the Eagle’s Cove property began. The 178-acre property on Lottit Lake was listed at $748,000.  SCA International accepted our offer at $500,000, but the funding condition was to be met by May 31, 2017, one month later!
Donations began to pour in from sources in Canada, USA and internationally in amounts from $20.00 to $20,000.00. Promissory notes and one loan were also provided to extend the fundraising window. On May 25th the donations totals were: $222,495.00. God called numerous people to also loan funds to extend our fundraising window.  We have received a total of $325,000.00 in loan/ promissory notes.

Bringing the total to $547,495.00.

Let us rejoice in God’s miraculous work!
Excitement is growing with each step we take towards fulfilling the vision that was first planted 25 years ago.
Please join us as we continue to raise funds to cover the amounts loaned.

This property will provide a sacred space where families can engage in three-week family intensives, where children can enjoy summer camp, where youth can attend retreats and where people of all ages can experience a place of hope and healing year around!


Funds raised so far

Goal of $320,200

Donate today

We need your help for our current projects