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Capital Projects

We need your help for these current costs:


Each of these are our estimate of the materials costs and plan on volunteer labour:

  • Water system $17,500
  • Roads $10,000
  • Residences:
    • Electrical repairs $2,000
    • Roofs and eve troughs $5,000
    • Windows and doors $2,400
    • Deck for suite $1,500
  • Waterfront—walkways and roof for seating area $2,700
  • Wood stove in suite $2,000
  • Paint and stain $900
  • Tractor mechanical repairs $2,500
  • Out houses—new holes and paint $700


We will have to hire a gas fitter to:

  • Propane gas fitting downstairs stove $700
  • Install propane heater in the fourth cabin $2,600

We need to purchase:

  • For the suite—fridge and stove $2,000
  • Downstairs:
    • Stove $2,000
    • Dishwasher $1,000
    • Microwave $500
  • Furniture for the second house $2,000

The Lodge

This will have a chapel, dining hall, commercial kitchen, bathrooms and showers.

As soon as we are able, we would like to begin the infrastructure work for the lodge. That will cost $7,000.

If we receive more donations than needed for any item, NorthWind will use the additional money in the Capital Projects Fund as decided by the board of directors.

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