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Safe Environment – New Knowledge – Changed Behaviour

During LifeBuild sessions, coaches come alongside participants as they learn about different topics and develop positive strategies to help cope with life’s’ hurts. Participants are led through activities which allow them autonomy over their emotions, thoughts and actions. We strive to create a space which is safe and encouraging to all participants in hope that a form of community is built among everyone.

Life Build supports participants on their journeys of self-discovery as they recover from life’s challenges, including broken relationships, abuse, parenting struggles, tragedy, and other difficulties. LifeBuild coaches come alongside participants by providing trauma-informed spaces in which they learn, grow, and transform their lives and relationships. LifeBuild fosters mutual support and collaboration as people identify their own strengths and celebrate those of others. Some of the topics addressed in LifeBuild sessions include partner and family relationships; personal and interpersonal safety, parenting, grief and loss recovery, boundaries, and responding to conflict. Participants report feeling safe, cared for, free of judgement, more confident, and more able to thrive in life after attending LifeBuild sessions.


LifeBuild is part of the Family Strengthening program

A LifeBuild skill has the following characteristics:

  • A defined purpose
  • Change in observable behaviour
  • Increased competency

Life can change! One step at a time.

For more information contact lifebuild@northwindfm.org.

Our Programme Sponsor

Cooking for Life
Cooking for Life is a unique program where people gather to cook nutritious meals. With a focus…..

Building a sacred community of hope and healing.

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