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Counselling and Ministry Centre Story

When God says “I am about to do something,” it’s best to stand back and watch in wonder!

In January of 2018, I felt a gentle nudge; I sensed that if a door closed, God would make a way for us. We enjoyed the blessing of renting space at the Redwood Opportunity Centre for eight years. We ran kid’s clubs, youth programs and got to know the neighbourhood through special family events. We held The Gathering on Sunday evenings there, and the group grew. Counselling staff and LifeBuild coaches used the facility to support people on their healing journeys. We enjoyed networking with the Redwood Foodbank, Threads, AA, and, most recently, New Hope Church. A month or so after the gentle nudge, New Hope put our transition into motion when they expressed that they needed more of the space we occupied.

The words I heard in the stillness became the hope I held onto; God would make a way! The search for suitable space for our growing endeavours seemed daunting, but excitement surfaced as we visited a property on 138 May Street South. It included an area for the NorthWind Counselling Centre and space for the youth, children’s and outreach staff. There was another area for LifeBuild, a boardroom for meetings, and a couple of large rooms for the Sunday Gathering. The location seemed a great fit for our vision and mission of supporting struggling individuals and families. The price was fair but it was unreachable for us.

The owners of the property graciously agreed to meet and hear NorthWind’s vision. They engaged in the conversation and showed concern for the challenges faced by so many in our city. We left an hour later not knowing the outcome. A few days later, the owners generously reduced the price and offered to hold the mortgage! Without their generosity, this would not have been possible! Our sincere thanks continues to go out to them!

NorthWind took possession of the great space, equalling 6,900 square feet on June 1, 2018. It is located across from City Hall and the bus depot, which makes it great for those using the bus system. It is also handicapped accessible—no more stairs! Within weeks, more people began attending the Gathering! More individuals saw the counselling sign and walked in requesting help with life’s struggles. By the fall of 2018, children’s and youth weekly programs were running. LifeBuild offered series on boundaries, grief and loss, and understanding addictions. This location has been a part of growing NorthWind.

God takes my breath away! If anyone would have told me six years ago what God was going to bring about for NorthWind, I may have chuckled in disbelieve. We consider it a privilege to watch Him work in all His ways, but especially in transforming lives.

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Building a sacred community of hope and healing.

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Programs Facility
138 May Street South
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Counselling Facility
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